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How Much Wind is too Much for Boating?


It depends on your boat and your skill level. Vessels less than 25 feet need to head for shore if winds start approaching the 10 miles per hour mark unless they are constructed and equipped for such weather. Johnboats, dinghies, skiffs, and even larger powerboats can find themselves in trouble if a wave height reaches […]

Fort Myers Fishing Guide


Offering the best fresh and saltwater fishing, Fort Myers lies on the Caloosahatchee River, about 12 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico. Surrounded by Florida wetlands, rivers, and lakes, there are numerous fishing spots for those hunting panfish, Mahi-mahi, and everything in between. For freshwater fishing, river fishing, or taking a boat into the […]

Types of Boats: A Complete Guide


From canoes to the Maltese Falcon and beyond, private boats range from eight feet to megayachts, hundreds of feet in length. Used for fishing, cruising, living aboard, and as a means to get away from the beaten path, boats have been a part of the lives of humans since one decided a ride down the river on […]

Trading Hours


Boatyard & Marina, Trades, Chandlery and Cafes will be closed from 12pm Thursday 24/12/21. Business & operational lifts will resume from 7am Tuesday 4/1/22 . After Hours contact # 0437 522 903 For insight as to the individual operational hours of each business, chandlery and or cafe onsite we recommend you refer direct to the […]

Tis the Season for Helping Others


On Tuesday 21 December, The Boat Works’ extended family spread some much-needed cheer and practical donations to charitable organisations supporting the families and individuals in need on the Gold Coast. Coming together in the spirit of the season, the staff, tenants, business owners and customers of the boatyard and marina have raised funds and collected […]

The 5 Best Fishing Podcasts to Listen to in 2022


There used to be a time when podcast hosts could be big fish in a little pond. Now, there are podcasts covering every subject from unsolved murder mysteries to entrepreneurship to, you know it … fishing. With such a run of options, picking a new podcast to try out can feel like having to choose […]

Fort Myers Boating Guide


Fort Myers is the county seat of Lee County, Florida, in the state’s Southwest region. This city is a significant tourist area offering several opportunities to explore local waterways.  For example, the Caloosahatchee River connects Fort Myers with the Gulf of Mexico through the Charlotte Harbor. In addition, the tropical savanna climate of the area […]

West Palm Beach Snorkeling Spots


West Palm Beach is nestled along the Atlantic Ocean in southern Florida. The area offers many opportunities to access the waterways, including the Lake Worth Lagoon, and direct access to the ocean. In addition, the tropical climate makes it possible to go snorkeling in the waters of West Palm Beach year-round. Plus, with approximately 47 […]

What is a Tri-Hull Boat?

Boats have three basic hull types; monohull, catamaran, and trimaran. Tri-hull boats are really a hybridization of a trimaran and a monohull boat. The design uses sponsons on either side of the main hull to add buoyancy and width at the bow, which adds interior volume.  In essence, a tri-hull boat is a deep V […]

Best Gift Ideas for Boaters This 2021 Holiday Season

10 boating gift ideas for December holidays, from Christmas and Hanukkah, to Kwanzaa or Boxing Day.