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Wax On, Wax Off: Waxing Your Boat in 7 Steps

So you thought that only your car, floors and wooden furniture needed waxing. Well, think again. Because if you own a boat, it needs regular waxing, too. So do your fancy dress shoes so they remain shiny—but that is another topic! We’re going to focus on keeping your boat looking elegant. The Purpose of Waxing […]

Shipshape: The Best Boat Cleaners for Sparkle and Shine


  We’ve all heard the term “Shipshape,” meaning to keep things neat and tidy. So when it comes to your hull, decking and other parts of your craft that get exposed to the elements, it’s a sound piece of advice. Below the surface, your vessel is continuously under attack from all manner of corrosives and […]

Take a Load Off: The 6 Best Jet Ski Hoists and Slings

  Jet skis are a blast. You can have hours of fun on the water, zipping about at breakneck speeds. But when the day is done, and you need to get the jet ski out of the water, it’s a challenge. And jet ski hoists and slings are the ideal tools for the job. They’re […]

Be a Black Belt in Waxing With the Best Boat Wax

  “Wax on, Wax off,” said Mr. Miyagi, and he was right. If you want to preserve the look and freshness of your boat, you need to follow his teachings. Wax doesn’t just clean, like other detergents you can buy for vessels, it also protects against the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. UV […]

The 6 Best Water Ski Ropes (Beginner to Advanced)

Oh, the exhilaration, the energy rush! Skimming along the surface of the lake with the wind in your hair is pretty hard to beat. And water skiing is a must for all you thrill-seekers out there! But before we get carried away and jump into this with both feet, we need to discuss a few […]

Sunset Cruises in San Diego: Rentals, Locations & Planning


San Diego is a beautiful community with awe-inspiring views of the Pacific Ocean, offering breathtaking and dramatic sunsets. The best thing about San Diego is the miles of coastline where boaters can head out into the ocean and watch the sun paint the sky with bright colors as it sets. There is nothing like free-floating […]

Nautical Flags & Sailing Flags 101: Understanding the Alphabet & Meanings


Just as the marine electronics and lights on a boat help you communicate with your fellow cruisers, nautical flags and sailing flags are a language of sorts, too. They help alert others to maneuvers you’re making, for example, or an emergency. In certain combinations, they warn of bad weather. It all depends upon which flag—or […]

Sailing in San Diego Guide


San Diego and the San Diego Bay is a sailing and boating paradise located in Southern California near the US and Mexico border. The San Diego Bay is 12 miles long and up to three miles wide in parts, so there’s ample room to stretch your sea legs when you charter a sailboat. The wind […]

MEGA Sheds, largest on the GC.


Opening on Valentine’s Day, Monday 14 February, The Boat Works Mega Sheds have already accepted bookings from some of the region’s premium superyachts. The 50-metre sheds will officially open in February and the first to book was the robust 37.4-metre Moonen motor yacht ‘Beluga’, which boasts an 8.1-metre beam. The award-winning charter yacht is based […]

Egmont Key: Boating & Snorkeling Guide


A State Park and National Wildlife Refuge, Egmont Key is home to one of Florida’s 30 lighthouses and is only accessible by water. The Park Ranger is the only person who inhabits Egmont Key at this time, and visits to this national treasure must be made during daylight hours. There are no amenities on the […]