Boat Types and Hulls: A Complete Guide

A comprehensive look at boat hull types and designs – the most fundamental part of any vessel.

21 pitch prop vs. 19 pitch prop


A propeller is a bit like a tire. It moves you forward, and you give it little consideration until it fails or causes a problem, which either of them can. Or, you may think that the motor you have should propel your boat faster than it does and wonder if a change in propellers can […]

What is a Tiller on a Boat?


A tiller is a lever that is attached to the rudder and is used to turn your boat. Tillers are used on power and sailboats, and a tiller and rudder combination is the simplest way to steer a boat. Or, the steering system can be very complex, with multiple rudders and steering components that must […]

What Should You Do Before Fueling Your Boat? Boat Fueling Tips


Boating is enjoyable but has facets that can be very dangerous. Fueling is a boating activity that requires you to follow specific procedures to keep you, your vessel, and your crew safe. When fueling, you need to be cautious of your boat, passengers, and other vessels around you. A fueling dock can be a busy […]

Things to Do at Lake Norman


When it comes to prime outdoor locations, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one as versatile and pleasing as Lake Norman in North Carolina. Located just a quick 20 miles north of downtown Charlotte, Lake Norman has so much to offer that you’ll want to schedule more than a day or two here. Boasting 500 miles […]

Lake Norman Fishing Guide


The largest artificial lake in North Carolina, Lake Norman, covers 32,000 acres and has over 500 miles of shoreline. At an elevation of 760 feet, it is fed by the Catawba River, which was dammed in the early 1960s, to power hydroelectric power plants. The lake is home to many native fish and has been […]

Canyon Lake Fishing Guide


There are many lakes in Texas on which anglers can test their skills, and Canyon Lake is convenient to San Antonio, Houston, and Central Texas. Easily accessible from multiple locations, getting on the water is easy to do, no matter the direction of your arrival. If you live near Canyon Lake, Texas, or visit the […]

Things to Do in Canyon Lake Texas


If you’re craving the great outdoors full of natural wonder and fun activities while away the day, head to Canyon Lake in Texas. Referred to as the Water Recreation Capital of Texas and located in Hill Country, the only trouble you’ll experience is deciding what to do first. Sprawling over 8,000 acres, Canyon Lake sits […]