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Types of Boats: A Complete Guide


From canoes to the Maltese Falcon and beyond, private boats range from eight feet to megayachts, hundreds of feet in length. Used for fishing, cruising, living aboard, and as a means to get away from the beaten path, boats have been a part of the lives of humans since one decided a ride down the river on […]

What is a Tri-Hull Boat?

Boats have three basic hull types; monohull, catamaran, and trimaran. Tri-hull boats are really a hybridization of a trimaran and a monohull boat. The design uses sponsons on either side of the main hull to add buoyancy and width at the bow, which adds interior volume.  In essence, a tri-hull boat is a deep V […]

What Are Stringers on a Boat?


Stringers are part of the structure of a boat. They can be made of solid wood, plywood, fiberglass, or a combination of wood and fiberglass. On completely wooden boats, stringers are usually painted or sealed with varnish or epoxy. In contrast, stringers on fiberglass boats are generally wood encapsulated in epoxy and fiberglass. Even if […]

21 pitch prop vs. 19 pitch prop


A propeller is a bit like a tire. It moves you forward, and you give it little consideration until it fails or causes a problem, which either of them can. Or, you may think that the motor you have should propel your boat faster than it does and wonder if a change in propellers can […]

What is a Tiller on a Boat?


A tiller is a lever that is attached to the rudder and is used to turn your boat. Tillers are used on power and sailboats, and a tiller and rudder combination is the simplest way to steer a boat. Or, the steering system can be very complex, with multiple rudders and steering components that must […]