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What Does Boat Insurance Cover?


Boat insurance is just what it sounds like: coverage that kicks in if you get into trouble with your boat.  However, there are different types of boat insurance policies, and those policies cover different types of things. Making sure you have the right type of insurance for the way you intend to use your boat […]

Living on a Boat: 5 Things You Need to Know


There’s no magic about how to live on a boat but there are ways to make this alternative lifestyle easier. Being organized, realistic, and adaptable will help. If you’re not living aboard by yourself, you’ll also need to be a good communicator and listener so you hear your partner’s deal-breakers and can decide on compromises. […]

How to Get More Boatsetter Bookings

There are some basic techniques that will help you get bookings on Boatsetter, and then there are the advanced strategies that can help you get even more bookings. It’s important to start at the beginning and then add the advanced strategies after you have the basics down. Why? Because there’s no sense in driving tons […]

How to Create a Great Day on the Water for Your Renters

Here’s the big secret to creating a great day on the water for your Boatsetter renters: The best trips start before the trips actually start. How is that possible? Let’s break it down. Haven’t Listed Your Boat for Rent Yet? Get Started in Less Than 15 Minutes The rental experience starts as soon as they […]

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Boat Listing on Boatsetter

Anyone who has ever booked or sold anything online knows that having a good listing can make all the difference. But how do you get your listing to stand out from the rest? On Boatsetter, there’s a system in place that helps you with the basics. As you start the process to list your boat, […]

How to Start a Fishing Charter Business


Owning your own fishing charter business is a dream job for countless anglers, but only a few actually make the leap. That’s too bad because once you learn how to start a fishing charter business you’ll realize that it’s actually a lot easier than many people would think. Yes, there are some requirements you’ll have […]

First-Time Boat Owner Checklist


If you’re a first-time boat owner, then you have a lot to think about—first and foremost, where to cruise so that you can have the most fun aboard your new boat. The thing is, letting the good times roll is a lot easier to do if you have first made sure that everything is in […]

How Much Does Boat Insurance Cost?


Nearly half of boats are uninsured primarily due to high premiums and deductibles, but boating without insurance is the same as driving without it—it’s very risky and in some states, it’s illegal. Let’s look at when you need insurance and how much its’ likely to cost. Own a Boat? Learn How to Offset the Cost […]

Boat Fuel Consumption: 5 Tips for Measurement, Efficiency, and Savings


Boat fuel consumption can be a rather significant expense, and it’s one that goes up as gas prices rise. While it’s true that you have to pay to play, there are some measures boaters can take to cut down on this expense as the price of gas goes up. Here are five tips to help […]

How Much Wind is too Much for Boating?


It depends on your boat and your skill level. Vessels less than 25 feet need to head for shore if winds start approaching the 10 miles per hour mark unless they are constructed and equipped for such weather. Johnboats, dinghies, skiffs, and even larger powerboats can find themselves in trouble if a wave height reaches […]