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Best Deck Boats Guide

Deck boats offer a combination of speed and space you won’t find on just any boat.

Catamarans: The ABCs of Multihull Boats

Considering buying a catamaran? This helpful guide walks you through catamaran boats from A to Z.

Yachts vs. Boats: What are the Differences?


Many people use the words “boat” and “yacht” interchangeably, and some lean on the latter to make their ride sound more impressive. But what are the key differences between boats and yachts? First, let’s look at some broad definitions of a boat, a yacht, and other related vessels. “Boat” can refer to just about any […]

5 Best Boats for Beginners for 2022


Here’s our best advice for any new prospective boat buyer or owner: Don’t let the boat get in the way of learning how to be a boater. The easiest way to get frustrated or overwhelmed by boating is to start in a boat that’s too big, too expensive, or too complicated, or with a boat […]



Bowriders are a fun style of boat for the entire family, plus they’re easy to handle, and they can be used for a wide range of activities—which explains why they’re one of the most popular boat rentals around. It also explains why lots of bowrider boats will be found on lakes, rivers, bays, and just […]

5 Best Family Boats


More and more families seem to be gravitating towards the boating, ready to participate in any on-water activity that can span generations, stimulate positive social interaction and, above all, be a lot of fun. Choosing the right type of boat for family boating can be a challenge simply because there are so many options. If […]

3 Unique Electric Boats Available for Rent on Boatsetter Right Now


Electric vehicles have become a common sight today and electric boats aren’t far behind. Electric marine propulsion (powered by large battery banks) or hybrid propulsion (a combination of a combustion engine and an electric motor) have been making significant strides lately. Currently, about 2 percent of boats worldwide are powered by electric or hybrid propulsion, […]

Boat Types and Hulls: A Complete Guide

A comprehensive look at boat hull types and designs – the most fundamental part of any vessel.