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7 Common Boating Fails, and How to Avoid Them


Boating is fun, but it does have a learning curve. Like any activity, boating has jargon (see 50 Nautical, Sailing & Boat Terms for Beginners), rules, and customs, and it requires some basic seamanship skills, all of which you’ll pick up with experience. The first step in understanding the basics of ownership and operating generally […]

Repowering A Boat With A Fresh Outboard Engine

Outboard engine re-power 101: how to choose the right engine type, size and accessories.

How to Get a Boating License or Boater Safety Certificate


When you rent a boat with Boatsetter, you always have the option of adding a captain—which means you don’t actually need a boating license to enjoy a day out on the water. But if you want to drive the boat yourself, you’ll need to do so in keeping with the local regulations, which often means […]

50 Nautical, Sailing & Boat Terms for Beginners 


Boating has its own vocabulary and if you’re going to be spending time on the water, you should understand a few basic boat terms. Knowing these will make you safer as well as more useful whether boating on your own, chartering or helping friends on their boat. Let’s divide these words into basic nautical terms […]

Nautical Flags & Sailing Flags 101: Understanding the Alphabet & Meanings


Just as the marine electronics and lights on a boat help you communicate with your fellow cruisers, nautical flags and sailing flags are a language of sorts, too. They help alert others to maneuvers you’re making, for example, or an emergency. In certain combinations, they warn of bad weather. It all depends upon which flag—or […]

How to Properly Raft Up: Tying Boats Together Safely

Tips on rafting up your boat with friends and tying them up properly.