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Keep Warm Boating During Winter: 11 Tips For Hard-Core Boaters

Glean through our guide on how to keep warm and defend you and your boat against the elements.

Keep Warm Boating In Winter: 11 Tips For Hard-Core Boaters

Glean through our guide on how to keep warm and defend you and your boat against the elements.

How to Properly Raft Up: Tying Boats Together Safely

Tips on rafting up your boat with friends and tying them up properly.

Boat Navigation Systems: Understanding Modern Onboard Tools

Valerie Mellema helps new boaters understand modern boat navigation systems.

How to Leave Access Points in Your Shrink-Wrapped Boat


It takes a little preparation to shrink-wrap yet still accommodate over-winter work on board. (Capt. Vince Daniello/) Shrink-wrap offers quick, thorough protection against harsh weather, but most shrink-wrap jobs leave little—if any—access to boats while covered. If your plans include over-winter work beneath that cover, consider these enhancements to your boat’s wintertime wrap. Zipper doors […]

A Tribute to Local Fish Fries


The fish is often beer-battered perch, but can also be walleye or cod, served with fried potatoes, coleslaw and a slice of buttered rye bread. (Tim Bower/) The moment I slammed the truck door shut, I knew we’d be taking a detour. The cab was, uh, fragrant. “Did you get the crawlers?” asked my good […]

Catching Up With Wakeboarding Videographer Ben Le Claire


Winching makes for some cool shots. (Oly Care/) A lot has changed since we checked in with Canada’s Ben Le Claire. The last time was in the summer of 2016, right as he’d wrapped up filming and winching through the Paris floods. The video became an instant hit, and later an award-winning piece that aired […]

How to Maintain a Straight Course in Open Water


A straight line is the shortest distance between two points, but it might be the least comfortable if seas are rough. Consider a zigzag tacking course, hitting the waves obliquely to lessen pounding. (Tim Bower/) I’m sitting on the cooler seat of my Regulator one recent morning, about 14 miles south of Shinnecock, on a […]

On Board With: Mike Guanci and J.T. McCartyh


Mike Guanci and J.T. McCarthy have been boating since they were kids. (Pete McDonald/) This past summer, I spent some time aboard Defiant, a boat owned by cousins Mike Guanci and J.T. McCarthy for their business, Charters in the Hamptons, which they founded together. The cool thing about it? They’re both still college students. Guanci […]