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7 Ways for Boaters to Celebrate World Ocean’s Day 

Boaters across the globe have always had a special connection to the world’s oceans. Maybe they captain a sailboat, powerboat, or motor yacht. Perhaps the boat is docked in US waters, or maybe the vessel’s home port is in Europe or Asia. No matter the vessel or where it travels, boaters have always viewed the […]

15 Ways to Celebrate National Safe Boating Week

National Safe Boating Week (NSBW) is an annual kickoff to boating safety awareness and this year, it will be held on May 21-27, 2022. It’s no coincidence that it falls just before Memorial Day weekend, the official start of the boating season for many across the country. NSBW is a great time to prepare your […]

Billion Oyster Project: Building Back New York’s Harbor’s | #MindYourWake Series


Can you picture one billion oysters? Pete Malinowski can. That’s the number of oysters that he wants to restore to busy New York Harbor by 2035. He’s not planning to do it alone, of course. As the co-founder and executive director of Billion Oyster Project, he, his staff, and legions of volunteers are undertaking the […]

Green Boating: 6 Sustainable Best Practices for Boaters


Before we can talk about green boating, we have to talk about something else—pollution. We know. It is a daunting word. It’s difficult to navigate our current world without interacting with some form of pollution. Increases in human population and land-use changes have threatened the state of the environment for the past 100 years. Not […]

Miami Waterkeeper: Protecting the Water You Love | #MindYourWake Series


Florida has 8,000 miles of coastline and upwards of 800 miles of beaches for swimming, boating, and other activities. Additionally, about half a million people earn their income from Florida’s ocean-oriented activity. However, a variety of man-made issues threatens all of this. That’s where Miami Waterkeeper comes in. It has been shedding a light on […]

Boat Taxes: Everything You Need to Know

Taxes are a fact of life as well as a part of boat ownership but there may be some good news, especially in certain purchase situations and if you use your vessel as a second home or as a business. Regardless of how you buy or use your boat, brush up on the details of […]

Boat Safety Equipment Checklist: 5 Items Required on a Boat by Law


Whether you’re setting out for an afternoon of rafting up on the lake or you’re focused on reeling in the ‘big one,’ you’ll want to follow a basic boat safety checklist that outlines the equipment you should have onboard. By following this kind of pre-departure checklist, you’ll ensure that any  experience you have out on […]

Seabin Project for Cleaner Oceans | #MindYourWake Series


An Australian native and boatbuilder, Andrew Turton had long enjoyed traveling, sailing, and surfing. But, he had also long been bothered by seeing and swimming through trash in the same waters. Eight years ago, he and Pete Ceglinski, a fellow Aussie surfer and boatbuilder, quit their jobs to do something about marine litter, especially plastic […]

African American Sailors & Fishermen Throughout History

African American sailors and fishermen have made a mark on history, and many who did also made their mark on the crews they served with. The feats they accomplished, often against exceedingly high odds, are notable. The following are names and a bit of history of a few African American sailors and fishermen of note. […]